2020 Reading Challenge

So… yeah…..
I didn’t exactly reach 50.

  1. I Could Pee on This: And Other Poems by Cats – Marciuliano, Francesco
  2. The Destroyer 68: An Old-Fashioned War – Warren Murphy/ Richard Sapir
  3. The Destroyer 69: Blood Ties – Warren Murphy/ Richard Sapir
  4. Splicer – Christopher T. (working copy)
  5. Turning Point – Melissa Sak
  6. I Remember Everything: Life Lessons from Dawson’s Creek – Erin Hensley/ Julia Callahan/ Jillian Barthold
  7. The Destroyer 70: The Eleventh Hour – Warren Murphy/ Richard Sapir
  8. George Carlin: A Little Book of Essential Quotes on Life, Wisdom, and Humor
  9. V: The Filming Locations – M. Jarvis
  10. Ready Player Two – Ernest Cline
  11. Heaven’s Gate: Cult Suicide in San Diego – Bill Hoffmann/ Cathy Burke
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