Session Bistro – Maywood, NJ – 7/19/2013

Setlist – Session Bistro – Maywood, NJ – 7/19/2013

Sean – Acoustic Guitar, Vocals
Robert Fulton – Electric Guitar, Vocals

Set One

Here At The Zoo
Inside Again >
Dirt (Phish) >
7 Merry Men (Turn On The Galaxy)
Jat Nanoff *
Breathe (Pink Floyd) >
On The Run Jam # >
Learning To Fly (Pink Floyd)
Session Bistro Jam >
Funhouse Mirror intro >
Eggs % >
Funhouse Mirror intro >
Mussolini’s Sister (Turn On The Galaxy) >
Funhouse Mirror >
Hot Green Car

Set Two

Happy Birthday $
Stealing Time From The Faulty Plan (Phish)
Quinn The Eskimo (Bob Dylan) >
Have You Ever (Turn On The Galaxy)
A Day Like This
Status Quo Radio
Green Skinned Diana *
Settle In
Something Real
2nd Verse
Fearless (Pink Floyd)
K.205 (Turn On The Galaxy)
Ocean Pride (Turn On The Galaxy)
Lost For Words (Pink Floyd)

* first time played
# with “Barracuda” (Heart) tease
% with second verse written by Ryan S.
$ to Hailey B. – the coolest kid on the planet

Lots and lots of “Happy Birthday” melodies played throughout most of the first set’s jams.

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