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The Groupon Deal is limited to lessons at American-One Productions in Woodland Park only. Sincerest apologies for any confusion!


Sean has several years’ experience teaching guitar and piano to beginner- and intermediate-level students. His lessons include music fundamentals such as reading, rhythm, theory and chord structure. His students have gone on to join bands, record albums, and even take on students of their own.

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“There’s no need to leave your house for great music education! I’ll come to your home for less than the average “school” fees, AND you don’t have to drive! Not only are you saving time and gas, but you’ll save even more money since Sean also provides lesson books (this excludes “song” books).”

Quality music lessons in YOUR home or in a professional music facility!

Learn music theory and how to read….
BUT have fun with it learning the music YOU want to learn!

To contact Sean regarding private lessons in your home (Bergen County, NJ area), please fill out the form below. Space is available, but limited!


“I think Sean Faust is an excellent music teacher who provides valuable instruction in a motivating and enjoyable way. My son looks forward to lessons each week and takes practicing seriously. He and I are very happy with the progress as well as the positive attitude Sean provides.”
– Lisa L. – Ho Ho Kus, NJ – parent

“Energetic. Encouraging without being pushy.”
– Matt. V – Midland Park – student

“I first met Sean Faust when he filled in for my piano teacher. His passion and excitement to show me all my favorite songs inspired me immediately. Before long he was my full time piano teacher and later on a band mate and co-worker. His teaching was the first to effectively convey that practice produces major results and to trust my ear. Even to this day when playing music with Sean I often learn something new from him as his exciting and animated way of explaining the technical aspects of music makes them easily digestible and fun.”
– Tim Cesarano – former student and co-worker

“Sean is an extremely welcoming person, and will make you feel comfortable right off the bat. He always finds your strengths, and will push you to be the best you can be. If you are looking for a teacher you can laugh with, but also learn a lot from at the same time, Sean’s your guy.”
– Becky P. – Ridgewood

“Sean is one of the most gifted musicians I have had the pleasure to play with. Sean has excellent knowledge of Music theory and Chord progressions, and near perfect pitch, which enables him to be able to play request unlike anyone I have ever seen. When my daughter is ready for lessons I will call Sean.”
– Ronnie Parkes (Bonfire, EZ Livin’, Slippery When Wet, Vic Lecar, Ted Poley Band, Cleavage)

“Honest. Fun. Motivational.”
– Kristen C. – Upper Saddle River – student

“Sean Faust is a fantastic teacher. From the instant I first held a guitar in my hands almost 7 years ago, Sean helped me lay down the bricks that made me the musician I am today. He made the most often tedious basics fun and simple to grasp, and always made me feel better when I had trouble or hit a learning curve. A one-on-one situation with a stranger for an hour each week can be an uncomfortable experience for most people, but Sean was always friendly, amiable and easy to get along with. I was comfortable with him from the start. Overall, Sean Faust was not only a vital part of my growth as a musician, but a vital part of my growing up as well. Even though I no longer take lessons with Sean, I think back on the days in which I did with a fondness and nostalgia, and we still keep in touch.”
– Nick V. – Upper Saddle River – former student

“In two words, he is a ‘music genius’. Nice guy too!”
– John Roggio – (Broadway’s Rock Of Ages, Completely Unchained, Ruffkut)

“Sean Faust is an extremely skilled guitar and piano player who can help make anyone into a skilled musician. A very patient instructor and overall, a great teacher, I would recommend his music lessons to anyone who is willing to learn.”
– Brian H. – Midland Park – student

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